Our Commitments

Collin Arredo has become number 1 for bathroom furniture manufacturers using TFT (Tropical Forest Trust Ecolabel) certified tree timbers.

FLEGT = European certification

FLEGT is the acronym for « Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade ».

In timber-producing countries, this program aims to control the exploitation of forests to combat illegality in the sector while suppressing illegal timber trade between these countries and the European Union.

Fighting against illegal logging is essential, as it largely contributes to the mismanagement of forest resources and the endangerment of our entire ecosystem.

That’s why since March 2014, the manufacturing plants Collin Arredo commit to comply with all the recommendations put in place by the FLEGT (European standard).

Collin Arredo is committed to :

  • The environment : The wood used for the manufacture of our bathroom furniture comes exclusively from plantations and forests managed and framed by the Flegt / FSC standard.
  • Your comfort and your safety : Our bathroom furniture is water repellent treated and equipped with soft closing or open touch systems.
  • Your well-being : All our bathrooms are two years guaranteed and our customer service is at your disposal to answer all your questions.